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Sup hOMies,

To start off a new academic year, we have made a new website to hold all our information. Please explore the site as it holds a lot of new features that OM would like to offer.

For starters, we have gone on to start a health blog on tumblr! If you are interested in keeping your body, mind, and soul clean and pure, check it out! Additionally, we have decided to start writing about individual states in India! We call it State of the Month. We plan on giving you all a historical background of the state as well as cooking some its well-known dishes for you all to enjoy! Please let us know if you are interested in cooking and eating! On top of that, we have also made it a point to keep in touch with past board members. To do this, we have created the Alumni Spotlight! Monthly, we'll revisit one of our old board members and let you guys get to know them better both inside and outside of OM!

Shanti Out!